Nissan & Fast Infiniti [02.2019] Electronic Parts Catalog


Update: 02.2019
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Type: Parts Catalog for Nissan / Infiniti
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Nissan spare parts catalog contains the catalog of details for all Nissan models of the European market. 
In the catalog Nissan the information on spare parts for Nissan cars from European, Asian, American, Canadian, Japanese, including Infiniti is presented.

Data Version:

THE (European, Infinity, LHD)
ER (European, Infinity, RHD)
GL (Asian, Middle East, Export, Infinity)
GR (Asian, Middle East, Export, RHD)
USA (USA, Infinity)
CA (Canada, Infinity)

– Automobiles JN1 made in Japan
– Automobiles VSK manufactured in Spain (NMISA)
– Cars manufactured in England SJN (NMUK)
– Cars JNK made Infinity in Japan
– JN6 Trucks and microbuses made in Japan for EE. UU. And Canada
– Multipurpose vehicle JN8 (minivans), jeeps) made in Japan for EE. UU. and Canada
– Automobiles 1N4 manufactured in EE. UU. (NMM)
– 1N6 lorries and microbuses made in the USA. UU. (NMM)

This catalog includes a simple search function that allows users to search for spare parts by  model, serial number, name, VIN, etc.


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